Acoustic Wall Construction – The Cost Effective Way

Acoustic Wall Construction – The Cost Effective Way

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The Resilmount M482R isolated wall brace (patent pending) is a unique acoustic mount that is designed specifically to overcome the shortcomings of other mounts on the market. Laboratory tested to ISO 10140-2 and ideal for tall walls in cinemas, conference centres and auditoriums, the M482R brace is the direct result of feedback from acoustic engineers and wall installers. The five main issues addressed are:

  1. Easy installations by screw fixing – no drilling large holes for fiddly nuts & bolts
  2. Bracket fixes to web of steel stud, not stud flange – on the strong axis and easy to reach
  3. Clearly visible holes for structure fixings – no hard to reach, out-of-sight fixings
  4. No need for installer to make fine adjustment to bolt torque – supplied completely pre-assembled
  5. Can be installed after the wall framing is built – faster and more accurate build


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