Resilmount products now licenced with Australian Made

Resilmount products now licenced with Australian Made

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Resilmount’s range of sound isolation clips and hangers are designed to reduce noise transmission in walls and ceilings. Manufactured by Studco, Resilmount products are known for being easy to install and effective in reducing both airborne and structure-borne sound. Recently, Resilmount was accredited with the iconic green and gold Kangaroo logo of the Australian Made Campaign, signifying their commitment to manufacturing high-quality products in Australia.

Studco remains steadfast in its commitment to developing innovative solutions for the Australian construction industry and establishing itself as the preferred supplier. With over 37 years of experience in domestic building system manufacturing, Studco prioritises the preservation of local jobs and the support of Australian suppliers. This dedication is reflected in its current workforce exceeding 100 employees across the nation.

Operating on a national scale, Studco maintains its manufacturing plant in Victoria, supplying Resilmount sound isolation clips and mounts across the country. This extensive network empowers Studco to effectively serve customers throughout the country, actively contributing to the Australian building landscape and shaping the future of construction through homegrown manufacturing.

Drone Studco Factory 2019
Studco Australia's Head Office and manufacturing plant in Croydon, Victoria.

Understanding the Australian Made Campaign

The Australian Made campaign recognises companies and their goods/services produced within the nation. Earning this accreditation serves as a highly regarded stamp of approval, acknowledging the strict criteria required to utilise the iconic logo. The Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) meticulously evaluates the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes of goods before they reach the consumer.

am 2021 logo rgb full colour clear

Looking Ahead

Resilmount products will proudly bear the Australian Made logo, signifying a cornerstone in the company’s ongoing relationship with the Australian market.

Case Studies

Light House Tower, VIC
Products Used
M237R Furring Channel Mount


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