How Sound Isolation Works

How Sound Isolation Works

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One of the biggest issues that any landlord has to deal with are sound complaints between tenants in an apartment complex or other multi-family developments. Most sound is generated by direct contact between the building structure and the wall and ceiling systems. If there is nothing to break up the structural and airborne sound vibrations, the sound is easily transmitted between different dwellings or complexes. This is a problem that the dynamic team of professionals at Resilmount®, has been working on for years. Resilmount has earned a reputation as an industry leader by constantly developing new ideas and providing revolutionary solutions for the building industry.

Here are some of the innovative sound-isolation solutions that Resilmount has developed over the years:

Resilmount’s Patented Thermoplastic Rubber

This is the core of Resilmount’s sound isolation products. The thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its unique natural absorbing characteristics and its ability last longer than any form of natural rubber. Resilmount’s unique sound cell design guards against structure-borne vibrations transferring into the body of the clips and mounts because of its strong column design reducing the percentage of contact surface area with the structure or substrate it is fastened to. This aids in absorbing vibration and breaking up airborne sound at its transfer point.

Direct Fix Furring Channel Mount

This mount decouples the gypsum board from the framing or structure to reduce airborne sound vibrations as well as impact insulation class (IIC) vibrations. These can be used in both walls and ceilings. Keeping the framing and the gypsum board out of direct contact with the structure reduces the sound vibration transfer that is generated by that interaction.

Resilient Isolation Hanger

These provide support for–and sound isolation of–internal suspended ceiling systems and acoustical ceilings. This isolates the ceiling system from the structure which reduces both structure and airborne noise.

These are just a few of the sound isolation products available from Resilmount. Resilmount has a variety of different sound isolation clips, resilient mount clips, sound isolation hangers, and other soundproofing materials available to meet your project’s specific needs.

For more information about Resilmount’s sound isolation products for apartments and other multifamily developments, give us a call at 1300 255 255, email us at or fill out our online contact form today.

Case Studies

Hong Bang University, HCMC
Products Used
M50R Isolation Hanger, M42R Resilient Joiner Bracket


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