Floor to Ceiling Sound Isolation for Low Rise Dwellings

Floor to Ceiling Sound Isolation for Low Rise Dwellings

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A common challenge for designers of low rise dwellings is to provide an effective acoustic solution to limit the transfer of sound between levels, with the prime goal being that the occupants on the floor below hear less of what goes on above them!

The Resilmount M96R resilient mount bracket is designed to reduce the loss of amenity in low rise apartments, multi-level homes, and similar buildings by isolating airborne sound transmission at the floor/ceiling intersection. It is suitable for fixing to steel or timber floor joists and is used in conjunction with Studco furring channel profiles. Made with Resilmount’s patented sound-cell technology, the Resilmount M96R resilient mount bracket is code compliant and is recommended by Australia’s leading acoustic engineers.

For more information about Resilmount’s M96R click here or give us a call at 1300 255 255, email us at sales@studcosystems.com.au or fill out our online contact form today.

The Resilmount M96R Resilient Mount Bracket



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