Why Resilmount Sound Isolation Products are the superior solution for noise control

Why Resilmount Sound Isolation Products are the superior solution for noise control

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Construction product specialists, Studco Building Systems®, have a wide range of patented sound proofing products for the wall and ceiling industry, featuring a unique patented thermoplastic rubber with sound cell design – The Resilmount® range of sound isolation clips and mounts.

Noise travels through a building in two ways: as ‘airborne’ noise, such as speech, or as ‘structure-borne’ noise, such as foot traffic. To limit the amount of noise that reaches our ears, we need to isolate the noise source or the path that the noise travels along.

Resilmount sound isolation products offer an effective and affordable solution to reduce and stop noise emanating from common walls, household entertainment zones and family living areas.

Sound transmission is measured by Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) – the number used to rate the effectiveness of a soundproofing system or material. In conjunction with the Rw value, the Ctr is an adjustment factor used to account for low frequency noise. The higher the Rw+Ctr value, the less chance you have of hearing the noise.

A normal, insulated internal residential wall offers a Rw+Ctr value of 36, allowing normal speech to be easily heard.

Acoustic wall and ceiling configurations that utilize Resilmounts and are designed to stop unwanted noise travelling between rooms. A wall and ceiling configuration using M96R or M237R Resilient Mounts, for example, offer a Rw+Ctr value between 50 to 65, which means that even loud speech is inaudible.

Here are some of the other reasons Resilmount products are the right choice for eliminating noise transfer in your project:

  1. Resilmount clips and mounts are designed to achieve optimum isolation control and engineered to perform in all sensitive acoustic applications.
  2. Resilmount’s common building assemblies have been tested by through computer modelled numerical analysis and physical testing at independent laboratories such as University of Auckland (New Zealand), Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (USA) and RMIT (Australia).
  3. All testing is completed in accordance with ISO international standards, American standards based on UL ratings, and for compliance to the Australian National Construction Code and Australian Standards.
  4. Resilmount is ISO9001 Quality and ISO14001 Environment accredited
  5. Driven by innovation, there are a wide variety of Resilmount sound and vibration control products available to suit different acoustic applications, including apartments, offices, hospitals, conference rooms, theatres, concert halls and sound studios. The Resilmount team will also work with you to offer custom assemblies, if required, to create the ideal solution for sound attenuation.
  6. Resilmount ceiling isolation mounts do not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling system. The innovative sound cell design of the Resilmount, fortifies the surrounding rubber so that the clip does not give way and bend under pressure.

For more information about each of the popular Resilmount sound isolation products, where they are commonly used, and what they are commonly used for visit our product page.



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