3 reasons why your sound isolation project needs Resilmount

3 reasons why your sound isolation project needs Resilmount

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Resilmount® sound isolation clips are engineered and patented by Studco Building Systems, specifically for reducing air-borne and structure-borne vibration in wall and ceiling applications. Resilmount offer a variety of sound isolation clips and acoustic mounts designed to achieve optimum isolation control and engineered to perform in sensitive acoustic applications.

But what makes Resilmount different to the alternatives?

There are many great reasons to choose Resilmount for sound isolation, but if we could narrow it down to 3 main reasons why you should choose Resilmount, this would be it.

1. Unique Patented Isolation Element

With an eye-catching design and signature red colour, Resilmount’s patented thermoplastic element is engineered to outperform standard rubber mouldings because of its column/node matrix structure. The unique, multi-cell one-piece isolation element was designed by Resilmount to eliminate acoustic short circuit between the room lining and the building structure, and to ensure the clip assembly is remains intact during transit and installation.

2. Competitive Pricing 

If you are looking for quality sound isolation products that are designed for optimum performance, without the high price tag; Resilmount is for you. All Resilmount acoustic mounts and isolation clips are manufactured right here in Australia, using quality materials and conforming to the strict ISO9001 Quality Management System.

In addition to being competitively priced, Resilmounts are designed for easy installation, saving installers time and money on site.

3. Backup Technical Support 

Studco® have conducted extensive third-party testing on our Resilmount isolation clips, to offer you piece of mind that our products will perform under the relevant conditions. Resilmount is backed by Studco’s experienced technical team and can also assist with qualified opinions and acoustic advice on your project.

Not convinced yet?

Read about some of the other reasons to choose Resilmount isolation clips here, or contact the resilient mount specialists on 1300 255 255 or email us at sales@resilmount.com.au



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