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Slimceil® M319R Static Deflection Ceiling Bracket

For unbeatable acoustic performance in restricted ceiling spaces, the Resilmount M319R Slimceil static deflection ceiling bracket is the answer: a unique invention by Resilmount that solves the questions of achieving maximum static deflection for optimum acoustics within the smallest, most compact ceiling spaces.

By combining Resilmount’s patented sound cell technology with the Slimceil low-clearance ceiling system from Studco, Resilmount have satisfactorily achieved a method for reducing the ceiling plenum height to avoid wasted space without limiting the properties of the noise reduction element.

By using Resilmount M319R on high-rise apartments, you can reduce the slab-to-slab height resulting in more saleable floorspace than with conventional acoustic ceiling treatment methods.


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  • Unique patented system achieves the smallest ceiling cavities with full static deflection capability
  • Uses Studco Slimceil® low clearance ceiling system to save wasted ceiling space in apartments
  • Suitable for ceiling cavities from 62mm to 196mm high, without compromising acoustic performance
  • Brackets allow adjustment of ceiling channel +/- 10mm for uneven fixing surfaces
  • Compliant with NCC (BCA) static deflection criteria for ceiling in high noise environments
  • Failsafe against collapse of ceiling system in the event of a fire
  • Ideal for heavy ceiling systems: suitable for loads up to 60kg

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M319R static deflection ceiling bracket for noise isolation installed


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