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What is a sound isolation clip?

Resilient mounts, also known as sound isolation clips, are used as a way of disconnecting the wall system in acoustic wall and ceiling assemblies, for buildings or rooms that require a high level of noise reduction or soundproofing.

Using resilient mounts significantly reduces noise transfer, as the clip is fixed between the steel stud and furring channel, to attenuate the sound between rooms or floors.

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What are Resilmount sound isolation clips made from?

Resilmount sound isolation clips are manufactured from steel and moulded thermoplastic rubber.

The thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its unique natural absorbing characteristics and its ability last longer than any form of natural rubber.

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Where are Resilmounts manufactured?

Resilmounts are manufactured in Croydon South, Victoria by Studco Building Systems®.

Who manufactures Resilmount sound isolation clips?

Resilmount sound isolation clips are designed and manufactured by Studco Building Systems.

With over 30 years in the industry and roots as a steel stud roll former, today Studco® innovatively designs, develops and produces steel stud and concealed ceiling systems, architectural finishing systems and sound isolation systems for the construction and building industry.

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How do Resilmount help with soundproofing a room?

Resilmount sound isolation clips are used in order to decouple a wall or ceiling system. They can be used in conjunction with other sound proofing techniques.

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How do Resilmount products work?

Resilmount Sound isolation clips are engineered to decouple the plasterboard from the structure. This means that there is no direct transfer of sound vibrations from the drywall through the structure to the neighbouring room or story. For more information click the link below:

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How much sound is prevented from the installation of Resilmount sound isolation clips?

Sound transmission is measured by Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) – the number used to rate the effectiveness of a soundproofing system or material. In conjunction with the Rw value, the Ctr is an adjustment factor used to account for low frequency noise. The higher the Rw+Ctr value, the less chance you have of hearing the noise.

Acoustic wall and ceiling configurations that utilize Resilmounts and are designed to stop unwanted noise travelling between rooms. A wall and ceiling configuration using M96R or M237R Resilient Mounts, for example, offer a Rw+Ctr value between 50 to 65, which means that even loud speech is inaudible. Read more

For more information or details for your specific project, contact a Resilmount Specialist.

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Which Resilmount clip do I need for my project?

We offer a variety of Resilmount sound isolation clips, mounts and hangers to suit numerous applications, as well as custom solution. Contact our Resilmount specialists who can assist you to find the perfect sound isolation solution for your project.

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What brands do Studco manufacture?

Studco brands include Studco steel systems, EZ Concept® architectural systems, and Resilmount Sound Isolation systems. View brands here.

How do I soundproof a room?

There are four main soundproofing methods that are commonly used: decoupling, absorption, damping and mass. Find out more.

When should I use the Resilmount system?

Resilmount sound isolation clips and hangers cover a variety of effective solutions for noise isolation for walls and ceilings. Resilmount products are used in conjunction with other soundproofing techniques, to achieve desired sound cancelling results.

What are the lead times for orders and how quickly can Studco fulfill my order?

Lead times may vary depending on location. Metro deliveries are available for next day or same day delivery. You can also pick up your order from your local Studco branch.

To find out about our lead times, please contact us.

Where can I buy Studco products? Can I order directly from Studco?

Studco products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Our products are made from premium quality BlueScope Steel and comply with Australian and New Zealand Building Standards. They are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances and are structurally sound when installed in accordance with our Design Manual.

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When can I pick up from the Studco warehouse?

Our standard warehouse operating hours are between 7:30am to 4:00pm. However, if you have a requirement that is beyond those hours, let us know and we will always look at the available options to fulfill your request.

Where can I buy Resilmount products?

Resilmount Sound isolation clips are distributed through our approved soundproofing companies and building material distributors. Contact our team to find your local distributor.

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