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Acoustic TestingĀ 

Resilmount is dedicated to researching and developing new ways to improve the amenity of our lives by controlling noise within the environment in which we live, work and sleep. Our products are designed and engineered by our Product Development Teams in Australia and USA in keeping with our enduring legacy of innovation and breakthrough solutions.

To gain a better understanding of the acoustic performance and transmission loss characteristics of our products, Resilmount rigorously tests common building assemblies through computer modelled numerical analysis and physical testing at independent laboratories such as University of Auckland (New Zealand), Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (USA) and RMIT (Australia). We test our products in accordance with ISO international standards, American standards and UL ratings, and for compliance to the Australian National Construction Code and Australian Standards.

Our testing is focused on creating high-performance, low-cost architectural resilient mounts and isolation assemblies that can be easily integrated into standard building systems for improved amenity of the spaces that humans occupy. Not only do we test our products to confirm their properties and performance but we also regularly benchmark our acoustic assemblies against other brands to ensure that Resilmount offers the most effective solution on the market.

Resilmount regularly collaborates with industry consultants, academic institutions and independent researchers to share our knowledge and findings, and to advance the building industry in general. We can provide our testing data and information to interested parties at our complete discretion.

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